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Next year, in 2016 Dornoch will mark four centuries of golf being played in the area with the earliest concrete evidence of the game known to this point dating back to 1616.

However, few records have been explored from the period 1600-1800 and this exciting project has started to bridge the gap in knowledge in the lead up to the town’s 400 Years of Golf in Dornoch celebrations. This academic study exploring the golfing history of Dornoch in the Highlands of Scotland which is home to one of the world’s most revered links courses has already started to produce some interesting facts.

Wade Cormack is our Royal Dornoch PhD funded student in collaboration with the Development Office of the University of the Highlands and Islands and hosted and supervised by staff at the university's Centre for History here in Dornoch. Wade's research explores the history of sport and culture in the Moray Firth region from the 17th to the 19th century. His research looks at the cultural factors that influenced sporting practices and does so by examining sports on the links. Golf, as one of the main sports on the links, garners a large amount of attention in his research. He examines history of golf alongside other links sports such as archery, horseracing and shinty, and does so while considering sport's place in festival celebrations. Working closely with the Royal Dornoch Golf Club, Wade's research will contribute to the celebration of 400 years of golf in Dornoch, which is set for 2016. See him in action at the Royal Dornoch Golf Club during one of his engaging public lectures.

To catch up on Wade’s research his presentations can be found here.

Wade’s history research blog can be found here.